Sunday, November 2, 2014

I'm not at my best

You'll have to excuse me, I'm not at my best
I've been gone for a month, I've been drunk since I left
These so-called vacations will soon be my death
I'm so sick from the drink I need home for a rest

Read more: Spirit Of The West - Home For A Rest Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

This song came on my Ipod this week and I felt that it was most appropriate.  It's been a month since I've written here, and I have taken a "so-called vacation" from all things healthy.  No, I haven't been drunk for the last month, but I have imbibed in more alcohol then I normally do.  A glass of wine with dinner, a cocktail in the afternoon when Mom was visiting, a night cap here and there.

I've also stopped tracking my food, drinking enough water and exercising.  I haven't run since the two 5ks I did the first weekend in October and I've only managed to make it to 4 TKD classes all month.

Add to that the decadence of Thanksgiving, indulging during Mom's visit and Halloween candy and it quickly becomes a recipe for weight gain and slothfulness.

That all stops now.

I have five goals for November that will hopefully help me get back on track -

  1. Track all my food in MyFitnessPal.  If it passes my lips I WILL write it down.
  2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day
  3. No alcohol
  4. Aim for 10,000 steps every day
  5. Attend 10 TKD classes
I am purposefully leaving running out of my goals.  This doesn't mean that I don't plan to run, but I want goals that I know that I can hit without stressing over it too much.

What are your November goals?  How do you restart after a period of unhealthy behaviour?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Weekend Race Review

I didn't check the calendar when I signed up for the Nova Scotia Lung Association Runway Run.  I just clicked accept because it sound like a cool 5k race to do.  How often do you get to run on a runway, while watching planes take off and land nearby?  If I had checked the calendar I would have known that I had already signed up for the CIBC Run for the Cure 5k this weekend.  Luckily one was Saturday and one was Sunday so I was able to go to both.

Saturday's Runway Run

I haven't been running as often as I should, and it's been a long time since I ran 5k.  I had hopes that this wouldn't be to big of an issue since runways are nice and flat.  What I didn't count on was the cold and wet and the not-quite-gale-force winds that started the day.

After clearing a lot of security, we got to hang out in a hanger till race time.  There were nearly 600 runners and 18 wheel chair athletes competing.  The winner of the wheel chair racers finished in 12 minutes. Alexandre Dupont is a world record holder in wheel chair racing and was an inspiration to watch.

It took me a wee bit more time then 12 minutes to finish!  I came in with a chip time of 43:04.  I was pleased with that, given that I haven't been training like I should.

Sunday's Run for the Cure

Sunday didn't turn out to be quite as wet and cold as Saturday, but it was still pretty chilly while I was standing around waiting for the start.  Luckily I had thought to wear these lovely socks that my friend Amy was going to throw out at work one day.

They are perfect to keep you warm until you get going and then easy to take off and tie to my fanny pack.

As expected, everything was a sea of pink, including the fire truck!  The course for this race was all around downtown Halifax, taking us first around Citadel Hill and then around the Public Gardens.  I didn't have great expectations of making good time today.  The combination of the hills in Halifax and having run 5k yesterday made me believe that I would have a slower time.

I was pleasantly surprised to finish in 41:00 minutes!  That's a full 2 minutes faster then Saturday and matches my fastest time for any 5k.

Overall it was a great running weekend and I'm glad I was able to participate in both runs.  

And a special thank you to everyone who helped me surpass my fundraising goal for the Run for the Cure.  I was able to raise $350 this year.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Best Birthday Present

I was away this summer for my birthday.  Hilary had stayed home and I knew that she was working on a project, but she wouldn't tell me what it was.   When I got home and we celebrated my birthday, I found out what the project was when I opened my present:

She painted the letters in my favorite colour - purple and added hooks to the bottom.  We only just got them hung in our bedroom today.  

There are more hooks to fill in so I better keep running!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I had my first ever Reiki session this week, given by my friend Sandy, who is studying to be a Reiki practitioner.

What is Reiki and how does it help?

Reiki is a method of relaxation and stress reduction that comes from the Japanese and was introduced to the West in 1937.  The concept is that all living things contain a life force and that with the guided help of a Reiki practitioner, you can heal the disrupted parts of your life force.

The life force is responsive to thoughts and feelings. It becomes disrupted when we accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves. These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force. This diminishes the vital function of the organs and cells of the physical body.  From

What did I feel/benefit from my Reiki session?

I went into my first Reiki session with no expectations.  I had read up on the practice before hand, just to get a sense of what was involved.  I've mentioned before that I don't have any religious beliefs, so when I read that Rei means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power", I was slightly skeptical that this was going to be for me.  I wasn't looking to have a spiritual or religious moment.  Further reading however clarified that Reiki is not based on religion, but deals with the energy flowing through us.  Since I was also doing this to help out a friend who is studying to be a Reiki practitioner I decided to just go in with an open mind and see what might happen.

Unlike massage, you remain fully clothed for Reiki.  I laid on my back in a comfortable position, with my eyes closed (though I did peek every now and then), in a slightly darkened room with a lit candle and some quiet music playing.  

For most of the session Sandy stood over me holding her hands 4-6 inches over various parts of my body.  Sometimes she would place her hands on my joints, like my shoulders, elbows and hands.  I honestly wasn't expecting to feel anything other than relaxed - after all I was lying down in the dark with my eyes closed after a long day at work.  What I didn't expect was that I would feel something when her hands were 4-6 inches above me.  What I did feel was concentrated areas of heat.  This is where the peeking came in.  I would feel the heat and wonder if it was just a random feeling or if it lined up with where Sandy was holding her hands at the time.  It really did line up!

The only other physical reaction that I had during the session was 2 periods of extreme chills and feeling cold.  The room we were in was not cold, nor was there any breeze that could account for the change in temperature.  It was not an uncomfortable feeling, just unusual feeling, sort of like the chill that people claim to get when someone "walks over their grave".

I found that being alone in my head for an hour left me with my thoughts flitting from idea to idea, with a few periods of blissful nothingness in between.  A lot of my thoughts were about running and images of me running in races.  After the session when Sandy and I were chatting, she let me know that she had also had many thoughts and images of me running.  A Reiki practitioner often feels similar sensations and reactions to the recipient, so its not the unusual that both of our thoughts were focused on the same subject.

After the session I continued to feel relaxed.  When I went for my run the following day, I had one of my best runs in a long time!  I can't say that it's directly related to the Reiki session, or simply a coincidence, but either way it felt great to have a run where I felt not only good physically, but also mentally - I was able to overcome my thoughts of stopping and walking and was able to push through the normal mental stuff that clouds my mind during a run.

Overall, it was a positive experience and I'm glad I had that chance to try it out.  I'm sure Sandy is going to make a great Reiki Master as she continues her journey.

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Natal Day Road Race

Apparently this is the 108th year for the Dartmouth Natal Day Road Race, but it's the first year I've ever heard of it!  I'm glad a fellow runner at work told me about it with enough time for me to sign up.  I'll be sure to sign up again next year.

It was only 2 miles (3.22 km).  I woke up to the pouring rain, which makes for a nice cool run in August, but I would like to run at least one race this year where I'm not soaking wet.  It didn't actually rain to much during the race itself, but the humidity was high.

I haven't been running very much this summer, so I didn't have high expectations for finishing with a great time.  I was pleased to finish with 27:18, keeping in line with my never changing pace of 8:30/km.  I was in awe of the runners who finished in a speedy 10 minutes!

Now I need to find my next race to sign up for.  I love having something concrete to work towards.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Goals

A look back at July:

  1. Stop eating bad "C" word foods for the next 6 weeks.
  2. Attend 8 TKD classes
  3. Run 10 times
  4. Run/Walk 155 km, with at least 50% of my days being over 5k
The only goal that I even got close to reaching in July is number one.  I have (mostly) given up the bad "C" words. I  did have cake for Liam's birthday, obviously.  And there has been a stray ice cream sandwich and cotton candy while on vacation.  But over all I feel good about this challenge and find that I am craving sweets less and less.

As for running, TKD and walking?  July sucked. 6 tkd classes, I only ran 3 times and I only logged 135 km, my lowest month yet.

Moving on...............

My goals for August?

I have no goals for August!

Sure I plan to keep walking, going to TKD, running and eating healthy.  I also recognize that I will be on vacation for 2 week's.  Since I will be visiting my Mom, the healthy eating and walking will be no problem, but I'm not going to track my food or my steps, and obviously TKD will be out.  I will take my running stuff with me and will hopefully get in at least one run, but really, I'm just going to enjoy myself.

Do you give up setting goals in the summer?  Or are you more motivated then?