Sunday, July 28, 2013

Running with Mom

I went for a run today while on vacation & my 70 year old mother, who has never run, came with me!  She made it through 3 sets of 1 minute before we walked the rest of the way.  I don't think she'll do it again but it was great to run with her.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fasting Weigh In - Week 5

Last Week's Weight - 203.2
Current Weight - 199.5

Weight Lost This Week: 3.7

It's been a long time in coming but the numbers on the scale finally start with a 1!  2 fasting days, 2 days of TKD, 1 run and eating well the rest of the week was the magic formula.

Of course we leave for vacation in 3 days.  I won't be fasting while we are gone because a) it's vacation!  and b) we will be in the car driving 6 hours a day for more than half of our vacation and I don't want to have to stop every 30 minutes to pee because I've consumed 3 litres of water.

I do plan to make good food choices while we travel.  We'll be going through the Okanagan valley and hope to find lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  And of course once we hit the coast there will be fresh seafood.  I'm going to take my running clothes with me in the hopes that I can get out at least once in each of the provinces that we'll be in for a run.  We'll be staying near the water in BC and I think a run along the trail that borders the shoreline would be wonderful.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fasting Weigh in - Week 4

Last Week's Weight - 202.8
Current Weight - 203.2

Weight Lost Gained  This Week: 0.4

Another small gain this week.  I only Fasted for a day and half.  Thursday was Liam's Birthday so we went out for dinner and Hilary made her famous Chocolate Irish Potato Cake at his request.  I don't usually Fast on Wednesday's because of TKD.  I tried to Fast again on Friday to make up for it, but I did it without having something for breakfast before leaving home and by noon I was head-achy and starving in a way that water and positive thinking just wasn't going to over come.

Now the cakes (yes, he ended up having 2) are almost gone, we have no social eating plans for this week, TKD  is on for Mon and Wed  and the stars and planets are all aligned.  This will be a great week!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fasting Weigh in - Week 3

Last Week's Weight - 201.9
Current Weight - 202.8

Weight Lost Gained  This Week - 0.9

No big surprise that I gained almost a pound this week. I had a 4 day weekend last weekend, and while I did Fast on Tuesday and Thursday, I certainly enjoyed more treats during the rest of the week then I should have.

We are in the midst of a heat wave, several days at 30C plus, even through the night.  It certainly makes me lose my appetite for much beyond fresh fruit and water.   Though I will confess that I have enjoyed some 67 calorie beer in the heat.

The journey continues!