Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fasting Weigh in - Week 4

Last Week's Weight - 202.8
Current Weight - 203.2

Weight Lost Gained  This Week: 0.4

Another small gain this week.  I only Fasted for a day and half.  Thursday was Liam's Birthday so we went out for dinner and Hilary made her famous Chocolate Irish Potato Cake at his request.  I don't usually Fast on Wednesday's because of TKD.  I tried to Fast again on Friday to make up for it, but I did it without having something for breakfast before leaving home and by noon I was head-achy and starving in a way that water and positive thinking just wasn't going to over come.

Now the cakes (yes, he ended up having 2) are almost gone, we have no social eating plans for this week, TKD  is on for Mon and Wed  and the stars and planets are all aligned.  This will be a great week!

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