Sunday, May 3, 2015

NS Lung Run

This is my second year running the Nova Scotia 5k Lung Run.  Held down by the waterfront, it's a nice flat course.  One of my favorite things is having a racing bib with my name on it  All the volunteers and spectators cheer you by name as you pass them.  There is nothing more inspiring then hearing "You've got this Andy" or "You can do it Andy" when you feel like you really can't.

This is my first chip-timed race of the year.  It certainly wasn't my fastest race ever, but I came in with a decent time for me, considering I've really only been running again for a few weeks.

This race had a theme of Superheroes.  There were a lot Batman's, Superman's and plenty of Wonder Woman's.  My costume was unique though.  I went as "Super Mama"!

$5.00 for a cheap t-shirt and a few markers and I was all set.  I got a lot of high-fives and call outs as I ran the course.  I've never considered dressing up in a costume for a race before (there is no way I will ever wear a tutu) but this seemed like a fun idea, and I'm glad I did.

We had beautiful weather, finally!  This was a great race to start the year off with.  I can't wait for the next one.

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  1. I am in awe of you for completing this race -- it's an arena I don't see myself ever getting into, so I have lots of respect for you.

    So powerful to hear people cheering for you by name!