Thursday, August 2, 2012

Farm Fresh Lunch

Growing up we always had a huge garden.  From July till September we had something from the garden with every meal.  Some of my most favorite meals were ones that came exclusively from the garden.  As a kid it was not unusually to see me sitting in the cucumber patch eating my fill right off the vine, or taking my bowl of sugar and dipping fresh rhubarb in it while I played in the sandbox.

While I love reaping from the earth, I hate the work that goes along with it, so Hilary and I have never really had a successful garden.  We've had occasional tomato plants that would yield one or two fruit (if we could harvest them before the dog ate them straight off the vine).  We tried a garden our first summer at this house, since the bed was all set, but really... weeding?  watering? eh... it's just not for me.

I really do miss the food though, so every year I try to find local produce at the market so that I can have a taste of childhood memories.  And today I found my 3 most favorite things:  Corn, cucumbers and yellow beans.  That combo was often one of our garden only meals, and it is my lunch today.  I plan on enjoying every last morsel.

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