Thursday, August 16, 2012

Weigh In - August 16

Challenge Starting Weight   204
Current Weight                     202.6
Weight lost to date                   1.40
Percentage lost                       -0.69%

A small loss this week.  I really seem to be stuck at the 202 mark.  Up a bit....down a bit. I had really hoped to be under 200 by my birthday.  With only 3 days to go, and a diner party (that I'm cooking for) on Saturday, I don't see it happening.

Next week Liam and I are leaving for 10 day vacation to my Mom's place.  So I am taking a break from weighing in and tracking my food till I'm back in September.  I've been tracking my food for more then 2 years now so I'm confident that I can still make good food choices without writing everything down.  And maybe it will be the mental break that I need to kick start the next level of weight loss.

So Happy Vacation everyone, and I'll see you in September!

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