Thursday, September 26, 2013

Running Club

When I first started running this year, I joined a learn to run program offered through Liam's school.  We met every Friday night for an hour.  It was great to have people to run with who offer encouragement.  Since that ended in June I've been running by myself.

I do enjoy running by myself.  It's nice to have time to reflect, lose myself to my tunes or listen to an audio book.  But I miss the encouragement.  Someone telling me that I can make it 5 more steps or matching their pace with mine so that we end a run together.

So I've decided to form a running group!  So far it seems to be just some of the people that were part of the original learn to run program, but I'm hoping that it will grow.  We'll meet at the school on  Friday nights for an hour, and collect a $2.00 donation - with all funds going to the school.  There are lots of quiet side streets and even a neighbourhood full of paved walkways far from any roads.  I'll research up coming runs in the city that we can join, maybe find some interesting articles to share and generally have fun.

Have you ever run a running group, or been part of one?  What did you like or hate about it?  All suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. No, but that would be something to try. The only beginning group I've seen for beginners meets during the week and I can't commit to that.