Saturday, September 14, 2013

Running Update

Now that the heat of the summer is over, I'm getting back into running again. After my first 5K in June I only got out a few times.  I did manage to run while on vacation, and even got my Mom to run with me!

Taking nearly a month off meant that I felt the need to start back with 5 and 6 minute intervals.  Without the push of a group or a specific training plan to follow, I found that I really had to convince myself that I could increase the intervals each week.  I pushed myself up to 8 minutes and hit a mental block about going any further.

Tonight I decided to try something completely different.  I had spoken to someone who had done the learn to run program with me and she is now running 10K without walking at all!!  She finds it easier to just keep running instead of stopping and starting.  If she gets winded or finds it hard to keep going, she simply slows her pace down for a bit, but never to a complete walk.

I admit that I was skeptical and really doubted that I would ever be able to run 5K without walking, let alone 10K.  So tonight I ditched my interval timer app and just turned on a stopwatch and my tunes.  I surprised myself by being able to run 12 minutes before I felt that I HAD to walk.  But I only walked for about 20-30 seconds, instead of a whole minute.  I did a full 5K, and yes I did walk several times, but only for short bits and I still felt great at the end of the run.  I think I might ditch the interval app completely and just listen to my body.

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