Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The best ways to ensure that I do something is to first publicly declare it so that my friends and family can help keep me accountable. Secondly is to pay money or officially sign up for it.

So I’m now telling all of you that as of last night I am officially registered for the Nova Scotia ITF TaeKwon-Do Open Championship tournament on May 3rd.

That gives me three and half weeks to conquer my 24 step pattern Do-San  and to practice my contact sparring  – hopefully with other adults and not the little kids I usually train with. This is the same tournament that I entered last year, so I at least have a sense of familiarity for how it will be run. That doesn’t help my sense of nervousness and fear however!

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  1. how fun! you'll do great! Glad you have a system for accountability! Not too many people have that under control!