Friday, May 30, 2014

June Goals

  1. Enter my first National TKD competition (June 7th!! Only 7 days from now) 
  2. Run my first 10k (June 14th!! Only 15 days from now) 
  3. Walk/Run 155 km – this is the same goal that I had for May, but this month I want to have more days that have a min. of 5k. In May, 55% of my days had less then 5k. I would like to drop that to at least 40% for June. Check out my tracker.
  4.  Keep my Net Calories goal for more than 50% of the month. In May I only had 40% of my days where I met my calorie goals.

I am specifically not adding a weight goal for the month of June. If I focus on my fitness and my food, the weight loss should follow along. I’m trying to not be a slave to the scale and focusing more on non-scale victories.

 What are your goals for June?

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