Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mid-May Update

It’s a wee bit past the midway point of May, but never too late for an update.

  1. I’m on par to get in all my miles for the May Mileage challenge. I wanted to finish with 155 miles (5 miles a day) and I’m currently estimated to finish at 159. 
  2. I hate the scale. The numbers are going up, not down. 
  3. I can’t seem to control my snacking lately. This might be the problem with the #2.
  4. I had a moment last week when I realized that I AM a runner – with less then 10 minutes to go till the start of TKD class, I was able to run to the house and back to class to get Liam’s sparing helmet. And I still managed to run the warm up with the class. 
  5. I’ve only missed one TKD this month. I finally feel ready to test next week.
  6. I ran 6k on Sunday with my co-worker who is running the Ocean Breeze with me. We seem to be well matched for pace, even if she can carry on a full conversation the whole time while I wheezed out one answers.
How are you doing this month?

1 comment:

  1. That scale can be such an evil thing. Maybe took a look at what you are snacking on and try to make them healthier more nutrient dense foods. Good luck with the rest of the month.