Friday, June 13, 2014

Random Pre-Race Thoughts

  • OMG I’m going to run 10k tomorrow. In front of people. People that I know.
  •  What if it rains? What if it doesn’t rain and it’s too hot? If it rains, should I wear my glasses? But if I don’t wear my sun glasses and the sun comes out, it will be worse. But rain drops on glasses suck.
  • What time do I need to leave the house? What if I can’t find it? What if I’m late? (this is my general anxiety for any event/outing)
  •  Will we have enough hot dogs? (I’m on the parent support committee for the school and we are selling hot dogs at the event as part of our fundraising)
  • What should I eat before I leave the house? Should I take food for in the car? How many coffees should I have?
  • Do I run with my water belt or not? If it’s hot, probably.... if not, maybe I’ll just rely on the water station at the half way point.
  • What clothes should I wear for before the run? Change into after, for hot dog selling? Do I run in my shorts or my capris?
  • Why exactly did I think this was even remotely a good idea?
  • What if something happens and my friend D. can’t make it? Can I still do it if I had to run alone?
  • I really want to finish in under an hour and thirty minutes. But really... I just want to finish.

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