Thursday, April 23, 2015

Learn to Run (again)

3rd time is a charm, right? Once again I have signed up for the learn to run program being offered through Liam's school in advance of their Ocean Breeze Trail Run.

I first signed up for this program in 2013 and that began my running journey. I went from huffing and puffing my way through 1 minute of running to being able to finish my first 5k 10 weeks later.

Last year I signed up again, with the intention of running my first 10k at the end (and I did!).

This year? I've signed up because I need the motivation. Knowing that I've paid money to run in my own neighbourhood when I could just do it for free, will hopefully help me get my butt out the door, at least once a week. Knowing that people are also expecting me to show up at a certain time adds to the motivation.

We start tomorrow night and have 8 weeks that lead up to the Ocean Breeze. This year the group is being run by a parent from the school who has experience working at private sports clinics as well as with elderly people in home care. Throughout most of her working career though, she has served as a coach for middle and long-distance runners of various levels, from beginners to elite runners heading for the Olympics. She also has several years of experiencing coaching kids in track and field. I’m feeling a wee bit intimidated!

I've managed to get out a few times for some short runs in the past couple of weeks. It is glorious to be able to run outside again! I even ran in a short sleeve t-shirt one night. Of course we are now entering the rainy season, but that’s okay. As long as it’s not ice, I don’t care. I have my first timed 5k race in 2 weeks, so this is the perfect time to get some official training under my belt.

Have you ever joined a Learn To run program, or do you simply train on your own?


  1. Between the kids' schedules, homeschooling, the wife's travel schedule, I can never get the full value out of the "learn to run" programs out here. So, I use a C25K app on my own.

  2. How did it go?

    I get that about paying for something you can do at home. I have to do this with yoga, too. I just don't have the discipline to pop in a yoga dvd and actually DO it.

    I'll be cheering you on!