Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My first running award

A lot of races offer running awards.  They might be for the fastest male/female finisher, top 3 overall, or the fastest in each age category.

I run for me, not to be first or the fastest.  I have no expectation of ever being first and winning any type of award.  In fact, my experience is that I'm more likely to come in last.

Shortly after that blog post went up, I got this email:

 Hi Andy
Thanks for joining us at the Natal Day race on Monday. I really enjoyed you Blog post and I think we'll make it a regular practice to recognize the last finisher with an award. I've set aside an Award Mug for you. Will you be at any upcoming races? I'm at many of them myself.
Dave Nevitt
Race Director

That was such an amazing email to get.  The running community is so supportive, no matter what your level of running.  Things like this is what keeps people like me, the slow ones who don't win the races, going back to race after race.

I was able to meet up with Dave today and now I have a new favorite mug that means more to me than any award I could ever win.

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