Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Running Review

August 2015 
Ran 4 times for 11.5 km. Longest run 3.75 km

August 2014
Ran 13 times for 104 km. Longest run 18.5 km

August Review

August was HOT.  I'm glad I got most of my mileage in, having lost some running time to vacation and weather.  I had 1 race in August, where I came in last and it was okay. I also dealt with heat exhaustion for the first time, so overall August was a pretty interesting month.  I'm very happy that the cooler fall weather is starting.

September  Goals

Run and finish my first half-marathon on September 12th

September plans

My plans for September are pretty simple.  Some short runs over the next 10 days, run the Sunset 5k on September 11th and then run the Sunrise half-Marathon on September 12th.  We'll see how I feel after that!

11 days till the Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon!

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