Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Running on Vacation

With less then 6 weeks to go before my first half marathon, I knew that I couldn't let vacation derail my training. The problem was going to be that my 10 day  vacation was going to include 4 travel days. Planning was key.

I knew that Mom had a built in running path on the farm, leading to the cabin. Each way was just under 1 km, so doing the trip twice would be good for my regular runs.  I got up early the first day I arrived and headed out. I'm used to running on sidewalks so the long, wet grass presented a challenge. Also trying not to trip on fallen apples, twigs and rocks made for a slower run. 

The next day we drove 6 hours to Gatineau to visit family. As luck would have it my Aunt lives right next to a beautiful National Park with beautiful trails.  

I still needed to get in my long run - 16km. Before leaving I had mapped out an easy route of streets I was familiar with.  The only thing I hadn't accounted for was construction and the lack of sidewalks. So I had to borrow Mom's van and map out a new route that I could hopefully remember. 

My first attempt at my long run was cancelled after only 7 minutes because of lightening.  I headed out at 6:15 the next morning in the hopes of beating the heat.
My run lasted 2:30 hours and was only very hot for the last 30 minutes.  The run ended up being just under 15km, but I just didn't have Irvin me to go any further so I walked the last kilometre. 

So training is still on track. And only 25 days to go!! 

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