Saturday, August 1, 2015

July Review

July 2015 
Ran 13 times for 77 km. Longest run 13km

June 2014
Ran 3 times for 7 km. Longest run 3km

July Review
Once again I didn't quite reach my goal of 15 runs and 90k.  We had a lot going on in July, dealing with some big family news.  While I love running because it gives me time alone with my thoughts to try to work through things, it doesn't always jive with getting through the day and everything that needs to be done.  I was able to get all my long runs in, so I'm feeling good overall about my training.

August  Goals

Run 13 times for 114 km. Longest run 18 km

August plans

I have one race planned for August - The Natal Day 6 mile Road Race.  August is going to be a tricky month to get in all of my training.  I leave for vacation on August 6th and don't get home till August 16th.  During the trip we are taking a mini-trip, which will involve 2 days in the car, and then 3 days visiting family I haven't seen in 25 years.  I still plan on getting in some runs while I'm away, including 1 long run of 16 km, but I will miss out on my 15 km long run.

42 days till the Maritime Race Weekend Half Marathon!

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