Monday, July 27, 2015

Safety First

Since I run with minimal gear - just a watch, some tunes and water on a long run, I worry about not having any ID on me.  If anything were to ever happen, I don't even have a phone that someone could scroll through a list of contacts and find the number for "home" or "mom".

So I was very happy to come across the Road ID website.  This isn't a sponsored post, I ordered their product and am very pleased with it!  They also have some pretty awesome customer service.

I decided to get an ankle id, and bought a second band, in case the pink ever clashed with my running clothes.  Because, yeah, that's important to me....  The second band will come in handy when the first one is gross and sweaty and needs to be washed!

I love that you can choose anything to engrave on the ID.   Because we live in a heteronormative world (yay me for using a new word I only learned a few weeks ago) it was important to me to list Hilary as my spouse.  It cuts down on the questions and blank stares, especially if I were unconscious on the side of the road.

I was also able to add "DETERMINED", a word I turn too when I feel that I just can't keep going.

If you run alone, please make sure to be safe and to carry ID with you.  No one likes to think of worse case scenarios, but it's so much better to know you are prepared for them - then you don't have to think about them any more.

If you are interested in ordering one for yourself, please use this link - Road ID will credit me $10 for every knew customer that I refer and I will be putting any referral money I get towards a Road ID bracelet for a prize at next year's Ocean Breeze Trail Run.

Run safe everyone!

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  1. I've really been considering getting one, but I get bothered by things on wrists/ankles while running. Even my watch/FitBit (when I choose them) bother me. Hmm.