Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June Review

June 2015 
Ran 12 times for 65.2 km. Longest run 9k
+2 Learn To Run sessions that didn’t involve tracking distance
Ran 2 races – Police Chase June 14; Ocean Breeze June 20

June 2014
Ran 6 times for 32.74 km. Longest run 10k

June Review

I didn't quite meet my June goals of running 15 times for 75 km, but I did meet my longest run goal.  I had a lot of fun at both races, even if my time wasn't what I wanted it to be.  I'm still happy with the month overall, especially since we has so many end of school year activities scheduled that I worked around.  I did end the month with my first attempt at running up a hill just for the sake of running up a hill.  There is a nice short but steep hill behind Liam's school that is going to be my "hill" run.  I made it up twice without walking.  I almost threw up on the second attempt, which is why I only did it twice on my first time out.

July Goals

Run 15 times for 90 km. Longest run 13k

July plans

I have no races planned for July.  My focus is going to be to keep increasing my mileage for my long runs and doing more hill/speed work during the week.  I won't get faster if I don't run fast.  And my goal  this week is to conquer the steep hill 3 times. - hopefully without throwing up!

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