Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ocean Breeze Recap

Normally I like to write up my race recaps on the day of the race.  It’s all fresh in my mind and easy to put into word.  Except the Ocean Breeze this year.  I’ve really been struggling with writing this one up.  For one thing, this is the first race where I didn’t take a single picture.  Since this race is put on by Liam’s school and I’m on the race committee, I spent a lot of time before and after the actual race helping out – getting runners their kits and timers, marshalling for the kids run and the 5k walk – so I didn’t bother with pictures.

But the main reason is that I’m so very disappointed in my time.  This was my slowest 5k yet.  It seems that the more I train and the more I run, the slower I get. 

I have lots of excuses – lack of sleep, busy all morning volunteering before the race, poor breakfast choice, it was hot….. but really, they just come down to excuses.

My focus now is to get over myself, and just keep running.  Even if I'm slow, I'm still moving.

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