Sunday, June 14, 2015

Halifax Police Chase 5k

I ran the 5k Halifax Police Chase this morning.  It's a great fundraiser for Special Olympics Nova Scotia.  This was a fun, non-timed race with a great twist.  The police officers got a head start from the runners and we had to "catch" them.  If you caught up to a cop you got a "ticket" that you could enter in a draw at the end of the race.  I managed to get 5 tickets during my run.

It was a great turnout and beautiful weather.  It was cool and overcast before we started and everyone was getting cold.  There was a collective sigh from hundreds of people when the clouds parted and the sun came out.

I did get thrown into the mobile jail for awhile, but a nice officer eventually let me out. 

At the finish line I was presented my medal by one of the Special Olympic athletes.  The medals are pretty awesome!  There is a button and battery on the back so that the lights on the police car flash red and blue.

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