Monday, June 1, 2015

May Running Update


May 2015 
Ran 11 times for 50.3 km. Longest run 7k
+ 5 Learn To Run sessions that didn’t involve tracking distance
Ran 1 race – NS Lung Run May 2nd

May 2014
Ran 11 times for 55.34 km. Longest run 9k

May Review

In May 2014 I was training for my first 10k on June 14 so it makes sense that my longer runs were longer. I’m only 3 weeks into my half-marathon training and my distance is only planned for 6k on my long runs right now.

The weather was near perfect in May. Not too hot and NO ICE! I did have a hard run on the one day that was 25°C. I need to remember to better hydrate before I run and to carry water with me when it is hot out.

I missed skipped my long run this past weekend. My knee was bothering me from having sat on horrible bleachers for 2 hours at Monster Truck Jam (which was awesome and worth it) and it was pouring rain and cold out. Normally I don’t mind running in the rain, but the cold and limping around on a bum knee didn’t seem like the best time to head out and run 6k. So I nursed my knee with an analgesic rub and a heating pad.  I will make up the long run one night this week.

June Goals
Run 15 times for 75 km. Longest run 9k
+ 2 Learn to Run Sessions
Run 2 5k Races

June plans

There are 2 Learn to Run sessions left in June. Our trainer Rakel has been away for the past 3 sessions, so it will be great to get in 2 more sessions with her. My plans for June are to include some of the tips and techniques that Rakel has taught us, including doing more regular speed work sessions. Soon I need to add hill run sessions too, but one thing at a time.

I have signed up for two 5k races this month – the Police Chase on June 14 and of course the Ocean Breeze on June 20th. While I did the 10k for the Ocean Breeze last year, I decided to stick with the 5k this year. I think I was slightly traumatized by the weather and the hills last year! My half-marathon training plan doesn’t have me running 10k till the first week of July also, so I’m not going to push things to early.

I'm looking forward to some great runs in June, I don't have any plans to PR at either races, but really just want to enjoy the experience of both.

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