Saturday, September 17, 2016

Maritime Race Weekend

This is such a fun event! Spanning 2 days, you end up with 3 amazing medals at the end of it.

Friday night is a sunset 5k that has most people dressing up in pirate related costumes. Last year I wore a black shirt with a pirate emblem on it. This year I got talked into going ALL OUT! It started innocently enough with a group of us getting together to make matching pink and black tutus. I had worn a tutu once before in a run, so I figured that it was an easy addition to last year’s black shirt and I would be all set. Then I came home one evening to find Jody trying on corsets in my living room for her costume. And it just so happened that she had a second one that would be perfect for me to wear. So I ended up running a 5k in a sports bra and corset (tightly laced at that) and a tutu.

The next morning we headed back out to Eastern Passage for the sunrise portion of things. Some of us were running the 5k and some were running the 10k. It was great to finish before the 10k people to be able to cheer them across the finish line.

I've made such great friends through running this year.  Last year I went to all the races on my own, standing around by myself.  This year, I'm surrounded by friends at almost every event!

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  1. The friends part ... my favourite part of the running season. Looking forward to next year.