Saturday, September 24, 2016

Zombie Run

I love Zombies! I like them on TV, in movies and even in books. I especially liked them in real life, chasing me down a deep, dark forest trail. Except the little kid zombie who was hiding in the leaves and leapt out me. I didn’t really like him since he made me scream like a terrified two year old!

By no means was this a “run”. Sure, some spunky people probably ran the whole thing, but not me. The trail was steep with loose gravel and uneven terrain. I can barely manage to walk across my living room without tripping, so I wasn’t going to take any chances. There were periods of running as I dodged and wove my way around the zombies who were trying to steal my “lives” (we each had 3 flags on a belt that the zombies tried to pull off). Alas, my dodging and weaving didn’t do me much good as I was out of lives before the halfway point. After that I became the blocker for our group, distracting zombies while everyone else slipped by.

It was a great time made more fun by running with friends. The downside of the day was when one friend twisted her ankle and spent the rest of the race in the first aid tent with an ice pack. To make it even worse, she didn’t just turn her ankle, she actually broke off a small piece of bone. An apocalypse is a dangerous thing.

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