Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay, the time has come.  I M.U.S.T. LOSE WEIGHT.  I can't play with Liam the way I want to, I don't like how I feel and I certainly don't like the way I look.

So enough is enough!  The Easter Chocolate is gone, spring is in the air and fresh veggies are at their best.  I've set myself a goal of losing 1 pound a week with wait for it........ 75 pounds to lose!


I've never been good with sticking with things, so I make no promises here other then I will try my best.  I am not a joiner, so Weight Watchers, TOPS and other groups are out and I think it's foolish to have to pay someone for pre-made food (after all, I do live with Hilary, chef extraordinaire! ) But I will try to cut back on the snacks and increase my activity. 

All words of encouragement are greatly appreciated, just don't send cake to celebrate my success!

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