Saturday, January 29, 2011

Starting over...again

The last 2 weeks have been a complete write off.  Dad died last week, so I've had 2 whirlwind trips to Ontario.  While I eat fairly well when I'm at my Mom's, I also seem to drink alcohol a lot more.  I did a lot more physical work, shoveling and hauling wood, but I didn't lose any weight.  My Mom is a great influence though.  She's maintained her ideal weight for some time now.  She's also been a great example of how to eat properly, and is even better since she was diagnosed with diabetes and became dependent on daily insulin injections.

And I may be on my way to becoming diabetic myself.  I had some blood work done last week (on the one day I was home between trips to Ontario).  The blood work was supposed to be follow up from my pre-New Year's Eve fibroid episode, but the Dr also wanted to get a fasting  blood sugar level since we had discussed me being over weight and wanting to get in better shape.  While we were in Ontario the office called to set up an appointment to discuss the results.  When I called them back they said that it was to discuss my glucose level. 

Mom did test my blood sugar on her meter one morning before I ate and it was 5.6, well within the acceptable range for a fasting level.  It will be interesting to see what it was at the clinic.  Either way, I'm going to try and watch my sugar intake as well as my overall calorie count each day.  I say that with the lure of a Cinnabon calling me from the counter.  I did so well today with food choices, but now of course I'm hungry and made the mistake of buying them, supposedly for Hilary and Liam.  I KNOW that I have no will power, and I need to stop setting myself for failure.

The Dr appointment is Monday morning so I guess I will have more answers and directions then.  I also need to get back to exercising.  I did a lot of walking today while out doing errands, so it's a start.  A small start, but I'll take it. 

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