Monday, January 10, 2011

Weigh in and Dr appt

I weighed in a 246 Sunday morning. I thought for sure that I would have gained, given the horrible week I had.  So overall, I'm putting this one in the win column. 8 pounds to go to get to my first goal of losing 10 pounds!

I had my follow up appointment with my family doctor today to review the test results from the ER.  There is only 1 fibroid and it is small, 1.5 cm on the posterior wall of my uterus.  The doctor doesn't think that it was the cause of the pain, but simply coincidence that they found it during the CAT scan.  She suspects that the pain has no diagnosable cause, and as long as it doesn't happen again, there isn't anything to be done.

The CAT scan also showed that I had gallstones.  I had suspected this for awhile as I get these horrible bursts of pain right in that area every now and then.  And same thing, nothing medical to be done about it right now, unless it becomes severe.  She did say to watch my diet for fatty foods as that can aggravate gallstones.

Which brought us to the weight loss portion of the appointment.  She calculated my BMI to be 36:

BMI is between 35-39.99 (Obese Class 2)
If you have a BMI of 35-39.99 your risk of weight-related health problems and even death, is severe. 

She would like me to get down to at least 200 lbs, but ideally she wants me to be around 180 (which still puts me at Overweight on the BMI scales).    She's recommending that Hilary and I join Weight Watchers - me to lose weight and Hilary because she does all the shopping/cooking and for moral support.  Hilary and I are so not joiners!  I think we will keep trying this on our own, and if after a month I'm not seeing any decent improvement, then we will look into joining a program.

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