Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Running Recap

2014 marks my second year as a runner.

I managed to run 184 km this year, which is less then I did in 2013. My biggest running month was May with a whopping 55 miles. No surprise there, I was deep into training for my first 10k. I’m proud to say that I ran my first 10k at the Ocean Breeze Trail run, a major fundraiser for Liam’s school. I ran it under my goal of 1:30, but man it was tough. The weather was awful; we were running through streams of water that were well above my ankles and it rained sideways the whole time. I may have come in last, but it still felt as if I had won.

Overall I ran 8 races this year, including 3 "virtual" 5ks.    My favorite race this year was the Runway Run.  It was a cool experience to run along the airport runway and I hope they hold it again next year.

My running started falling off in the summer, with not a single mile logged in November. In December I decided to get my butt of the couch and back out the door. We’ve had a great month so far weather wise, with unseasonably temperatures as high as 14°C. I’ve run 6 times this month for a total of 20k and plan to build on that in the new year.

Overall 2014 has been a good running year but I hope that 2015 is even better!

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