Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Shrink Yo Self - Week 1

While this challenge has only been up and running for 3 days, Wednesdays are the regular check in day.

Starting Weight - 230
Current Weight - 230
Weight lost - 0

So far this week I've been off to a great start!  I've managed to do 30 minutes of vigorous exercise on all 3 days and fully plan to keep that up! 

I've also done well with my calorie intake.  I've been under my goal for 2 of the 3 days, and only slightly over on the other day.  Today is gearing up to be under!!

Overall I'm feeling good.  I start to feel hungry around 4:00 and have given in to having a not-so-good-for-me snack.  Today I'm going to try and just stick with a cup of tea after work.  Being back at the office today will help since I won't get home till after 5:00 and it will be that much closer to diner time.

My current fear is for the weekend.  I'm off work on Friday, so it's one more day without the structure of a schedule and a packed lunch.  I'm hoping that my current commitment and desire to succeed will carry me through and help me make good choices.

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