Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shrink 'Yo Self - Week 2

Starting Weight - 230
Current Weight - 229
Weight lost - 1

I feel great this week!  While my weight loss may not be huge, I'm happy with any loss.  I've been really motivated this week to get exercising, so motivated in fact that I went out and bought myself a Wii balance board and Wii Fit Plus!

Between the Wii Fit Plus and the Just Dance games I've been able to get 30 minutes of vigorous exercise 2 days this week and 30 minutes of  moderate exercise on 4 days.  I even managed to get in 2 workouts yesterday.

Yeah me!

Any other time that I've tried to lose weight I've only ever approached it from the calorie reduction side.  And as can be expected, I didn't make very much progress.  Sure I would lose some weight initially, but I would plateau very quickly and then lose focus.

I am truly amazed at how much more energized I feel after working out.  I've cut down my coffee intake to 1 a day and am drinking nearly 14 cups of water every day.  And suddenly I feel healthier!  Which has the lovely effect of making me feel like working out more and being really careful with what I eat.

This may finally be the attempt that works!


  1. I am so excited for you, Andy!!! It's amazing what making a few small changes can do for your body and attitude. Keep up the great work, and you'll have many more small successes :)

  2. Awesome job! Keep up the great work!