Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shamrock Shuffle 5k

I did it!

After not running for nearly 2 months, I headed out this morning and ran 5k for the Shamrock Shuffle.  The morning had started out beautiful and sunshiny, until I decided it was time to go.  5 minutes before I headed out the door, it got very dark and started to snow.  Just my luck.   But the luck of Irish must have been with me because within minutes of leaving the house, the snow stopped and the sun was out once more.  Within minutes of starting my run I had ditched my hood, my gloves and before long even my jacket! My finish photo looks like it could have been taken in the middle of summer, not the middle of March.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish 5k after such a long break.  I walked when I needed to walk and ran when I could. I'm very pleased with my time of 44:52.  That's only a few minutes slower then I was last summer!  It makes me think that I just might be able to do the 10k Ocean Breeze trail run in June!

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