Friday, March 28, 2014

How exactly did this happen?

This past January I ran into Gail, the woman who ran the Learn To Run programme through Liam’s school last year. She was an amazing coach and really helped me believe in myself and was instrumental in me sticking with running and making it through my first 5k race. We spent a few minutes catching up with each other before talk turned to this years Learn To Run programme. I inquired if she would be leading it again this year, and I said that I was going to sign up for it. It’s great to have a weekly commitment to run with a group. I find that it forces helps me out the door to run on days that I might otherwise talk myself out of it.

Gail was indeed planning to run the group again, but mentioned that she had 2 weeks where her work schedule interfered and asked me if I could help out on those nights, since I live close and was planning to be there anyway. I don’t know what she thought “helping out” meant, but in my mind it entailed saying to the group “Okay, let’s all run for 40 minutes, see you back here.” And then making sure we didn’t lose anyone along the way.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I got an email from the school. “…can you send me a brief bio so that I can introduce you, along with Gail, as the instructors this year?”

Ummm… Sorry?

So helping out a couple of nights has now been elevated to “instructor”.
We are happy to introduce our Learn to Run instructors, Gail and Andy, who are volunteering their time to teach our group how to run. Gail was an instructor for us last year. Gail is a Registered Nurse who worked as a certified aerobics instructor while going to school. She has participated in numerous runs over the years, supporting a number of charities. Andy, a 43 year old mom, started running for the first time last April with the OBTR Learn to Run Programme. She had never run before, and had even managed to avoid it during every single gym class in high school! She kept with it, and by the end of the 10 week programme was ready to take part in her first ever 5k race (The OBTR Gale). Gail and Andy are looking forward to teaming up to coach the Ocean Breeze Learn-to-Run Programme and can't wait to meet our group.
While I’m honoured, I hardly feel qualified. I’m going to rise to the challenge though and hopefully we can all learn to run together.

And if you live in the HRM area, why don't you join us for a 10 week learn to run programme, led by 2 amazing women?  You can sign up here: LTR Registration

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  1. Really proud of you, Andy- and you're perfect! People are often intimidated by instructors who have been athletes their whole lives; your success story will help them believe in themselves!