Saturday, July 1, 2017

Epic Canada 10k

Today I ran a 10k race for Canada's 150th birthday.  And this one went really well....other than the rain.  So. Much. Rain!

I loved that this race was close, just over in Dartmouth, so even though it started at 8:00, I didn't have to get up hideously early in order to get there. I met up with some friends and we had time to hang out before the start.  Luckily it wasn't raining then, just cool and overcast - perfect running weather as far as I'm concerned.

The first 2k started off flat or slightly downhill.  KM 3 was uphill and after that there were some small rolling hills, but nothing to steep. This course was a combination of road and crushed gravel trail though Shubie park.

The rain started off with  light mist, which was actually nice and refreshing.  By KM 5 though it had changed to torrential downpour. I had water dripping off everywhere and I don't think my shoes will dry out till next week.  I had dyed my hair red for the run, and ended the day with a pink hat and dye dripping down the side of my face, which luckily you could only see up close.

I finished with a chip time of 01:49:47 a full 47 seconds faster than I ran at the Bluenose.  The best part was that I felt great!  I ran more than I walked and I didn't have an asthma attack at the finish line!  It was nice to finish a race and not end up in the first aid tent.  This was also the first time I tried Gu, a running fuel, half way through the race.  It not only tasted great - like a thick caramel sauce - I really felt that it perked me up and gave me a boost for the second half of the race.

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