Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Mental Obstacles

I have great plans!  I know that I can do things... run a 5K, pass my next TKD test, lose the next 10 pounds.   And yet, I struggle with mental obstacles.

I come up with all sorts of reasons for why I can't do something:

  • I don't have shoes
  • I don't have pants to run in
  • It's too cold out
  • It's too icy
  • I need to lose more weight before I start to run
  • I have the wrong music on my Ipod

Then I have what I consider the self sabotaging thoughts.
  • I'll skip working out today and do it twice tomorrow
  • I've already gone over on my calories so I may as well eat this cookie
  • I don't have time to exercise
  • I have more important things to do right now

None of the things I have listed can't be overcome.  
  • I do have a pair of shoes.  They might be old but they will do to get me started.  
  • I have yoga pants, I just need to tuck the wide legs into socks so I don't trip on them. 
  • I can wear a sweater and a hat and gloves. Once I get moving I doubt I'll be cold.  
  • The ice is now mostly gone and the side walks are clear.  
  • If I start running I will probably lose more weight.  
  • And really, that last one?  LAME.

Sabotaging thoughts are a lot harder to overcome.  I need to focus each and every moment on what my ultimate goal is: getting healthy.   Every time I'm faced with an option that is not going to help me along that path I need to stop and make the better choice.  I will stop self sabotaging my progress.

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