Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weigh in March 10

Starting Weight - 217 on January 1st, 2013
Current Weight - 203.5

Weight lost this week -  4.8 lbs

Now that is what I'm talking about!  I haven't been this low since last September, when I fell off the "Get Fit Wagon" and lost my focus.  I'm back on it now!

This week was another week of focusing on low-carb options.  I really am enjoying it and not finding that I'm hungry or missing any one thing.  I have been drinking a lot of green tea as a calorie free hot beverage option.  I'm also trying to keep up my water intake.  Both of those are good things to turn to if I am hungry during the day.

I made an effort this week to exercise on my non-Tae Kwon Do days.  And I really pushed myself at TKD. On Wednesday I was able to run for the full warm up, about 10 minutes, without having to stop and walk.   I haven't started running outside of TKD in preparation for the Ocean Breeze Trail Run, but weather permitting, I'm hoping to this week.  I will be taking a Learn to Run course at Liam's school that starts on April 5th, so that I can run the 5K without killing myself.

This was also the week that I did not weigh myself every day.  The first couple of days were hard and I really, really wanted to, but I didn't.  By day 3 I realized that it was nice not to be stressing about the little ups and downs that naturally occur over the course of several days.  And of course it was a great surprise to step on this morning and see a 4.8 lb loss!

Liam is off school for March break this week and my MIL is here to visit.  I'll be very concious of the change in our routine and will be making efforts not to let that derail me.  I'm sure there will be nights when we eat out, and there is more wine in my house now than there usually is.  I'm going to enjoy myself, but within moderation, planning the rest of my day to be even better food options so that I can indulge a bit at dinner.  I'll also try to increase my exercise to help compensate too.

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