Monday, February 3, 2014


I don’t often crave a specific food. I will sometimes crave sweet, salty or crunchy, but those cravings can be satisfied by many different foods. The one food that I do crave however is bananas. Somehow my body just seems to know when I need bananas. Years ago when I had a major surgery, the only thing I wanted when I got home and was coming out of my drug enduced stupor was a banana.

Bananas are a great food that can be used in so many ways. On their own, cut up on cereal, as part of a smoothie or on a sundae. Hilary even makes a chicken curry dish that includes hot, cooked bananas! One of my favorite deserts is bananas Foster – bananas cooked in butter, brown sugar and rum. They are also easy to travel with, offering a quick and easy go-to snack, especially if you have one of these!


Bananas pack a lot of punch for a snack size serving. The calories are not excessively high – around 100 calories/per banana, but are enough to give you an energy boost and work well as a post-workout food.   They are also a great source of potassium. The Chiquita Banana website states “the potassium in bananas stimulates your muscles, nerves and brain cells, and as a bonus, can also help reduce blood pressure and risk of stroke".   They also contain 15% of your daily Vitamin C requirement, making it a well rounded fruit.

Do you ever crave a specific food? 


  1. Well right now I'm craving bananas! Thanks! Actually, I almost always crave bananas. And cheese. Not together, though. That would just be weird.

  2. As a kid I craved bread a lot. I could eat half a loaf of bread if my mother would let me. These days I don't often crave anything. I feel that my diet is so rounded from morning to night that I cover all the bases. BUT I just dropped in to say how much I love bananas and their magical restoration of sore muscles!