Monday, February 24, 2014


Some times you have to be adaptable.  No matter how well thought out your plans are, life sometimes gets in the way.  Like today.

  • Got an email from school about Liam having another headache
  • Got home to find Hilary sick 
  • Realized I had 20 minutes to get to school to sign up for parent teacher meetings
  • Noticed that we are almost out of milk
  • 3 math questions took over an hour and all of my patience
  • Have my own headache from being in an all day, boring but mentally taxing training session for work
So while I got in lots of walking going to the school and then for milk, I did not go to Tae Kwon Do tonight and I did not substitute with a work out at home. 

I did stick to my eating plan, with no extra snacking.

I'm calling the day a wash, having a cup of tea and heading to bed.  I'm all out of adaptability.

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