Sunday, February 23, 2014

Weigh in - Feb 22

Last Week's Weight - 221.3
Current Weight - 216.0

Weight Lost This Week - 5.3

Well that is a loss I can get used to!  I don't think I've ever lost 5 pounds in one week before.

This was a great week overall.  I exercised every day for at least 30 minutes, using the BeachBody videos that came with my 21 day Fix package.  I've never really been a fan of workout videos, but I have enjoyed these ones.  It helps that they are only 30 minutes long, give you frequent 15-30 second breaks and offer modified versions of each exercise if you can't keep up.

I also had the Shakeology shake every morning for breakfast.  It truly filled me up, helping me keep my overall calories each day between 1300-1700, lower then I've been able to get on my own.  Even with the low calories I wasn't hungry.  And even better, I didn't have any cravings all week.  Often when I get Liam a snack of cheese or pretzels, I'll help myself to a few bites.  But not this week, it just didn't seem interesting to me and I was already satisfied with what I had eaten.  I even made it through Saturday and Sunday at home without any snacking.

I've committed to sticking with the shakes and workouts for 21 days, so 2 more weeks to go.  I had set a slightly random goal of wanting to lose 15 pounds during the 21 days, something that I thought would be great to strive for, but didn't really believe I would be able to do it.  After all, the most I've ever lost in a week before was 2 pounds.  But after this mornings weigh in, I believe it might just be possible.

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