Thursday, January 17, 2013


Like most people who have weight to lose, I carry most of it around my middle.  Making good food choices and lowering my calorie intake is a great first step to losing weight, but without exercise there is only so far that diet alone will take me.

Since my tummy area is something that I want to work on, this Tribesport challenge couldn't have come at a better time.  The challenge is to do 100 crunches everyday for 2 whole weeks.  Eeek! That's a lot of crunches.  Luckily they have 6 different versions of crunches to help keep things interesting.

Crunches work on your rectus abdominus muscle, the most prominent muscle in your core.  Toning this muscle will help your belly to appear more flat as you start losing the fat around it. Having good core strength also helps you in many other areas.  It helps with posture and overall support for your body, especially your spine.

Using the correct technique for each type of crunch is also important to get the most benefit from it.  The Tribesport page gives details on each type, including pictures.

I'm going to sign up for this challenge today.  I'll post here as I go to see how I manage with 100 crunches a day.  So far, the most I've ever done is 30, but I learned from this challenge that I've been doing reverse crunches and not regular ones like I thought I was doing.  I suspect that I will have to split this challenge up over the day to 50 in the morning and 50 at night. 

Wish me luck!!

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