Sunday, January 27, 2013

Weigh In - Jan 27, 2013

Starting Weight - 217 on January 1st, 2013
Current Weight - 208.9

Weight lost this week -  0.6 lbs

Not a huge loss this week, but progress all the same.

We rented a car this weekend which drastically cuts down on the amount of walking that I do.  Also the cold and ice of January on the East coast has really set in, so my desire to be outside is nil, and my fear of falling is through the roof.  I shuffle along the side walk like a 90 year old person, each step pre-planned to find the safest place to set it down, lest I slip on the ice.  Walking like that doesn't burn very many calories.

I'm keeping up on all my Tribesport challenges.  I've been working on my arms more this week, since I bought myself 8 pound hand weights.  I didn't think 8 pounds was all that heavy, till I had tried to lift them over my head 15 times.  I still struggle with doing push ups.  I started against the wall and have progressed to the counter.  I can do about 10 before I feel like I'm going to collapse.  Later today I'll be planning out next week's challenges and I think I will concentrate more on leg exercises.

I'm struggling to keep my calorie count as low as I would like.  Even though I'm making great food choices, I can't seem to cut out the calories.  That is another area I want to concentrate on this week.

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