Saturday, June 1, 2013

IF diary and running update

I've made it through  3 days of Fasting.  It was no where near as hard as I thought it would be.  Thursday was my first time Fasting at home.  I thought being surrounded by food in the cupboards and fruit in the fruit bowl would make it harder to resist.  But I drank lots of water and green tea and didn't once feel like I wanted to cheat.

Hilary fasted with me on Thursday out of solidarity.  She found it a lot harder.  She is not a huge water drinker and doesn't like green tea, and I think that was what made it harder for her.  Filling up with calorie free liquids can take the edge off.

So it seems that this approach really does work.  I started out last Wednesday, before my first fast day at 206.5 and I weighed in Friday morning, after my 3rd fasting day at 201.9.  That's a loss of 4.6 pounds in just over a week!  I'm sure I will go up again with several non-fasting days in a row, but as long as I don't go up more then I lose, I think this will work for me.

The down side is that 2 of my 4 running days each week fall on the same days as fasting.   I would need 9 days each week to be able to keep TKD, running and fasting all on separate days.  I tried running last Tuesday after fasting all day.  I was scheduled for 4 sets of 8 minutes.  The first 2 sets were great, but I could only make it through 6 minutes more of running before I simply ran out of steam.  I didn't even bother to try on Thursday.

I've decided to not Fast again until after I run the Ocean Breeze 5k run on June 15th.  That gives me 2 more weeks to train and prepare for it.  Since weight loss isn't my ultimate goal, but being healthy and in shape is, this seems like the best plan.

I ran my first set of 9 minutes last night with our Learn to Run group.  It hit 30° C yesterday and the heat nearly did me in.  I've always been a delicate flower in the heat, so running in it is not my idea of fun.  I did have to stop a couple for times and walk for 30 seconds before I was able to keep going.  I run with the same person every Friday and we think that we will likely run the 5K with 8 minute sets as neither of us are really ready for 9 or 10 minutes.  We'll see how we do over the next 2 weeks.

13 days to go!

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