Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fasting Weigh In - Week 2

Last Week's Weight - 204.8
Current Weight - 201.9

Weight Lost This Week - 2.9

It's great to see the weight loss continue this week! I fasted for 2 days this week but was pretty limited in my exercise.  We didn't make it to TKD all week, but I did get out for a 40 minute run on Saturday. I also enjoyed a few too many treats Friday night, but that is the joy of the 5:2 Fast diet approach.

My goal this week is to get back to TKD and to try and run more.  I may only fast one day this week as I've taken a vacation day on Tuesday to enjoy an extra long Canada Day weekend.  We have lots of yummy, healthy meals planned for the week, so I'm okay with skipping one Fasting day and just watching what I eat the rest of the time.

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