Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fasting Weigh In - Week 1

Starting Weight - 208.9
Current Weight - 204.8
Weight Lost This Week - 4.1

Even though I did 3 fasting days a few weeks ago, I am considering this my first official week.  And what a great way to start off again!  While I doubt that I will continue to lose at a rate of 4 pounds a week, I was very pleased when I got on the scale this morning.

I fasted on Tuesday and Thursday.  I found both days to be fairly easy, with Thursday being the better of the two.  On both days I had an egg white omelette before leaving for work and simply drank water and green tea throughout the day.  My evening meals were yummy salads, including a great quinoa recipe that Hilary found for us on Thursday.  I even went to Liam's end of school picnic on a fasting day and served hot dogs and ice cream for 2 hours before having a chance to eat my salad and I still wasn't starving by that point.

I really do see the sustainability of this plan.  While I have watched what I eat on non-fasting days I have enjoyed ice cream, fried chicken, take away Chinese food, and a gourmet hamburger.  I don't feel deprived in any way and it's very easy to tell myself to soldier on when a hunger pang does hit mid morning of a fasting day.  Knowing that it's only for a few more hours makes it easy to handle and move on.

One thing that did come up that may or may not be related to fasting, is that I tested as anaemic when I went to donate blood yesterday.  Their cut off for your iron level is 125somethings and mine was only 113.  While I've been eating more meat and some dark leafy greens, I suspect that I'm not getting enough vitamin C for my body to be able to absorb the iron. I'm going to try to rectify that going forward.

We are already planning this week's fasting dinners, and I'm looking forward to another successful week.

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