Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight - 235 on January 1st, 2012
Current Goal - 215 by March 31st, 2012

Current Weight - 218.9

Weight lost this week -  0.4 lbs
Weight lost so far- 16.1 lbs

This hasn't been my most stellar week, with the least amount lost so far.  I did have some not good choice meals (fried chicken, taters and a mini blizzard for desert!) so I'm not all that surprised.  I'm still aiming to hit 215 by March 31st, and I am still confident that I will.  This week also coincided with my Daring Kitchen Challenge, which was braised pork belly.  Very yummy, but not very calorie conscious.

The good part of this past week, which probably accounts for the slight loss even with consuming all of this great food, is that I have started Tae Kwon Do classes with Liam.  I've only been twice now, each time for an hour.  What a great work out!  A full hour of Tae Kwno Do burns approx. 1000 calories, which is nearly my full days allotment.  I currently track each lesson at 40 minutes of time to account for the down time and  warm up.  The warm up is about 20 minutes and has everything from stretches to running drills across the gym.  They are a great supportive group and cheered me on while I dragged my butt across the floor when we were supposed to be doing crab walks.

I'm still working on the Six-Pack March Challenge.  I'm up to 45 sit ups, 17 push-ups (or at least my version of a push-up) and was supposed to do a 70 second plank..  My legs, arms, shoulders and back are very sore from Tae Kwon Do Monday night, that I had to skip the challenge yesterday because I was having  with walking or being able to sit down and stand up again.  My plan is to do it twice today.  I did yesterday's counts this morning, but my arms are still sore and I only made it to 60 seconds of the plank before collapsing.  I did manage 45 sit-ups, but I have to pause after every 10 to catch my breath.  The last 5 were HARD and I had to use my arms to pull myself all the way up.  It doesn't make me feel very confident that I will be able to do 100 situps by the end of the month. 

I'm hoping to have a better week, though we are having dinner at Pizza Delight tonight as we have Liam and his Big Brother's one year review.  I'm planning on having one of their salads with chicken, which seems to be the best choice from their menu.

I hope everyone else has had a great week too.

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