Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

Starting Weight - 235 on January 1st, 2012
Current Goal - 215 by March 31st, 2012

Current Weight - 219.3

Weight lost this week -  2 lbs
Weight lost so far- 15.7 lbs

I've decided to set a smaller goal for March of only losing 5 pounds.  Since I've already lost most of one of them, I may overshoot my goal, but I'm good with that.  For me, 50% of weight loss is playing mind games with myself.  If I don't focus on my goal every minute of every day, I will simply fall back into old routines.  So having a small, obtainable goal will boost my self esteem when I hit it, and help me with the momentum to keep going.

As I've mentioned before, this is the longest stretch of time that I have kept my focus and made progress.  The best thing?  I feel GREAT about it.  I have more energy, I feel really good about myself (especially when people notice the weight loss and comment).  I'm getting lots of support from Hilary at home, which is invaluable!  I'm even enjoying the working out.  Challenges like the March Six Pack or  Shrink Yo Self  from the Sisterhood, really help me to stay focused and feel that I have commitments that I have to do.

The downside (if you can call it a downside) is that my clothes are all too big now!  Which is great, but I can't afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, especially since I plan to keep losing.  I'm down to having 3 pairs of jeans and no dress pants.  I put on a pair of the jeans this morning only to find that they are now baggy too.   I'm going to try to find a pair or two of interim sizes on sale, or even from Frenchy's to get me through.  I don't mind my sweaters being baggy, but once the weather warms up I will have to re-evaluate my summer clothes too.

So overall, things are still going great and I look forward to another fantastic week.

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