Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Shrink Yo Self - Final week

Starting Weight - 230 235
Current Weight - 226.3 221.3
Goal Weight - 220
Weight lost so far- 13.7 lbs

I was successful and not successful in this challenge, but I am very happy with the results no matter what!

My original goal was to lose 10 pounds in 9 weeks, going from a weight of 230 to 220.  Then I discovered that the scale I had been using was 5 pounds off and I was really starting at 235.  I was successful in losing more then 10 pounds but I'm still 1.3 pounds shy of 220.

Having a clear goal and number of weeks to reach it was key for me.  This is the first time, ever, that I have been so focused on losing weight and getting in shape.  And the scale is reflecting that.  Not to make excuses, but I might have been successful in hitting 220 if we hadn't had our big Oscar part this past Sunday!  And I have been struggling with a sinus cold for the majority of the past 9 weeks.

All of that means that I can will be even MORE successful with the next challenge and goal!

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