Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week 7 - Keep the Outside....Out (2-13-12)

To recap:
Week 1: Drink 14 cups of water a day -
Week 2: Get 8 hours of sleep per night - Still struggling with waking up in the middle of the night.
Week 3: Keep off the couch -
Week 4: Keep a food journal -
Week 5: See the glass half full - Working on it
Week 6: Multi Vitamins -  I remember about 50% of the time... need to work harder on this one.

Remove shoes at the door and create a transition space to minimize unwanted outdoor pollutants in your home.

Hmmm... this one might be tough at my house:

  • I take my boots off  90% of the time as soon as I come in.  Carrying groceries is usually the only exception.
  • Liam takes off his shoes/boots.  Heck, we have trouble convincing him to keep pants on at home, so footwear is a no-brainer.
  • Hilary however wears her boots all day long, never taking them off.  This is mainly because they are hard boots to take on and off, and since she smokes outside, she is in and out more often.
The reasons for making this change are really good ones.  Keeps your house cleaner and easier to maintain; keeps allergens out of the house; cuts down on dust. And really, it's not that hard to do.  My plan of attack is to super clean the house on Saturday, get the floors all scrubbed up and then I will start the no shoes rule.

Maybe I will have to buy Hilary some slip on smoking shoes!


  1. That's a great idea to buy Hilary some smoking shoes. My partner smokes too, and she has a pair of hard bottomed slippers that she wears out. In the summer she uses her crocs.

  2. Great idea! We keep slippers by the door to wear in the house and it really helps feel like we are wearing "shoes"!