Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Shrink 'Yo Self - Week 7

Starting Weight - 230 235
Current Weight - 222.5 222
Goal Weight - 220
Weight lost so far- 13 lbs

 This past week has been pretty awful!  I had a cold last week, but by Wednesday night it had gotten the better of me.  I called in sick on Thursday and crawled back into bed once Liam was out the door to school.  Since then I have gotten better.... but not completely well.  It is mostly in my sinuses, with a bit of a cough.  And I am JUST. SO. TIRED.

So the concept of exercise is pretty laughable right now.  I did get in 40 minutes of Wii step while I watched an episode of Lost (my new current addiction... re-watching from season 1) one day this week, but that is it.

And I have made some pretty lousy food choices this past week: chocolate bar, chips, wine, Ah Caramel.... and that was all in one night!   Then we had a Valentine's Day pot luck at work and I couldn't stop myself from grazing on these yummy cream cheese pinwheels.  And of course I HAD to treat myself to a Skor desert bar. And there seems to be little chocolates everywhere that are so easy to say, "Sure... just 1" eleventy-billion times a day.

While it does show that I lost a pound this week, my weigh-in day for myself is Sunday.  Now that it's 3 days later and I've eaten a tonne of crap, I'm pretty sure that pound is back on and it probably brought a friend or two with it.

I vowed to get back at it today.  I did great all day at work... till I started sampling Valentine's Day chocolates at 3:00....but I did limit myself to only 4 little ones.  For supper I made a great choice of a huge fresh salad.  And I drank all of my water!  And I walked 20 minutes to and from the mall.

and then I ate FIVE homemade chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

I was so close............

Onward and upward..... I start again tomorrow.  There are 2 weeks left in this challenge to get myself to 220.

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  1. You can do it! Just walk away from the chocolates! (preaching to the choir here!) glad you are feeling better!