Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 9 - Enjoy Time Alone (2/27/12)

To recap:
Week 1: Drink 14 cups of water a day -
Week 2: Get 8 hours of sleep per night - 
Week 3: Keep off the couch -
Week 4: Keep a food journal -
Week 5: See the glass half full - Working on it
Week 6: Multi Vitamins -  I remember about 50% of the time... need to work harder on this one.
Week 7: Keep the outside out - 75% yes, 25% no
Week 8: Eat your Veggies-

Carve out a minimun of half an hour for yourself on a daily basis.

 Ahhh... alone time.  That coveted dream of many parents (and some non-parents too I'm sure!)

I do try to find time for myself:

  • I purposely get up 30 minutes before Hilary and Liam so that I can be alone.  That is as much for their safety and well being as it is mine.  I am NOT a morning person and need that alone time with my coffee before I am ready to talk to others and start the day.
  • When we aren't in the middle of a bus strike, I consider my hour long bus commute "me-time" because I can throw on my iPod, listen to music of my choice and read my book.
  • I've been trying to exercise for 30 minutes after work each day, so that is some time by myself.
  • I also head to bed before Hilary so I get some "me" TV time then too.

I'm hoping once the weather warms up to be able to get out for walks or bike rides. I would love more time to read or blog, or chat on the phone with friends, but alas, there are only so many hours in the day.

I'm sure I could do better and I will certainly start making the effort.

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