Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weigh-In February 10

Starting Weight - 217 on January 1st, 2013
Current Weight - 207.9

Weight lost this week -  3.1 lbs

And things are back on track!   Not only did I lose the 2 pounds I gained last week, but I lost an additional pound on top of that.

I'm still struggling to keep my calories at or near my goal.  For this coming week I'm going to try a new approach. Instead of focusing solely on calories, I'm going to focus more on carbohydrates.  Since your body uses carbs first to fuel itself, the theory is that if you put less carbs in your body will use what it already has stored, therefore you lose more weight.

On an average day right now I consume about 230 g of carbs. The fancy name for this diet approach is Ketogenic Diet.  Some people say that you should drop your carb intake down to 30-50 g per day.  I really don't think I can go that extreme to start with.  Hilary and I have been playing with menu options and daily food planning.  I'm going to aim to get my carbs down to 100 g this week.  I think cutting them in half to start is good.  After all, the quinoa/oatmeal breakfast that I currently eat has 42 g of carbs alone.

I don't want to be so extreme that I'm starving (and therefore cranky) all the time.  I need to ensure that I have enough snacks and food to get me throughout the day.  And since I'm not a huge meat eater (there aren't any carbs in meat) I'm not likely to take a cooked chicken breast for my mid-morning snack.

We'll keep researching meal and snack ideas before we head out to the grocery store this afternoon.  I'm hoping to see good results from this experiment, with any really bad side effects.

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